Seven Metals
Singing Bowls of Tibet

Singing Bowls of Tibet

Praised by massage therapists and yoga teachers worldwide. Read reviews...


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Seven Metals
music also benefits pain management and sleep disorders.

CD Featuring 25 Singing Bowls of Tibet

A single tap on a Tibetan singing bowl can produce an array of notes and sound colors unlike any other instrument in the world!
Singing Bowls of Tibet by Ben Iobst

The 25 bowls featured on Seven Metals are rare, antique bowls (some are hundreds of years old) which create cloud-like layers of pure sound having rich and mellow harmonics. In this incredibly peaceful atmosphere, people have told me they are able to relax and sleep better, as well as focus on projects and read, and have a deeper experience in massage, yoga and meditation.

On Seven Metals, you can actually feel the vibration of Tibetan singing bowls on a cellular level. They invite you to come into harmony and seem to represent the very first vibration - e.g. the seed syllable Om, the biblical Word, the physicists' Big Bang - that set all other vibrations in motion.

The title, Seven Metals, comes from the bowls' principle composition of gold, silver, mercury, copper, lead, iron and tin. And, it is said, prayers or mantras were recited as the metals were hammered into bowls, so these prayers would come out later when the bowls were played.

Seven Metals CD has been praised by massage therapists and yoga teachers worldwide.

Yoga teachers love using Seven Metals for Savasana and some (depending on yoga style) like it for the entire session.

If you are a massage, body work or craniosacral therapist - if you are a Trager practitioner or practice energy work like Reiki or Polarity - if you are an acupuncturist or do any therapeutic work that is enhanced when the client is calm to start with, then I can tell you this:

Your best work will blossom as the beautiful harmonics of 25 rare Tibetan singing bowls gently invite your client to let go, drift off and breathe.

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