Seven Metals
Singing Bowls of Tibet

Singing Bowls of Tibet

"The finest Tibetan bowls
CD available"
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music also benefits pain management and insomnia.

Meet Ben Iobst

Ben Iobst I began working in the health care profession in 1970 and became a massage therapist in 1983. One day in New York City, I happened upon a Tibetan selling antique Tibetan singing bowls at an outdoor market. The small yet powerful bowl purchased that day inspired my sound quest.

After acquiring more bowls, I observed their effect with my massage clients by playing some for a minute or two at the start of each session. In over 2,000 sessions, the quieting and centering effect of their tones helped clients to be more relaxed from the very beginning. This calmer state allowed for a much greater therapeutic effect.

Inspired by these responses, I searched for the most powerful and compatible rare Tibetan singing bowls so I could accurately record their healing harmonics for others to experience.

You can read more about the bowls in the liner notes and experience their incredible energy on Seven Metals CD.

I have also recorded for the Relaxation Company label, and excerpts from Seven Metals appear on three film scores and on the top selling Real Music CD, Namaste’.

Chester Finally, Cynthia and our boy Chester and I have a shop called ‘Salamander’ in the Saluda Mountains of North Carolina.